Thursday, October 23, 2008

UPSKI interviewed by IN THESE TIMES

Billy Wimsatt founded The League of Young Voters in 2003 to organize and empower youth – particularly young people from low-income communities who haven’t attended college. Known by his graffiti tag name “Upski” while growing up in Chicago, Wimsatt has been writing and organizing for social change since dropping out of college more than 15 years ago. The author of Bomb the Suburbs and No More Prisons, in 2004 Wimsatt co-edited How To Get Stupid White Men Out Of Office, a collection of essays written by youth organizers around the world.

In 25 words or less, what makes you so special? (Keep in mind that humility, while admirable, is boring.)

Yikes!… Chicago hip-hop kid turned journalist political organizer. Proud founder of League of Young Voters, but didn’t vote ‘til age 27. Never heard of me before? Your life just got better.


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