Saturday, May 23, 2009

Going Postal Revenge!

Oh shit, the buzz surrounding this show is going nuts! Easily the world's largest sticker-art event

Buy, sell, and trade labels.
All stickers sell for $5! All money goes straight to the artist.

Signed copies of Martha Cooper's Going Postal, which documents the lively sticker art scene in New York, will now be available for sale at our show! The book is hard to find and has already sold out at Quimby's, The Novem Store, and the MCA Store. Get Some!

Upset Presents:
GOING POSTAL'S REVENGE Sticker Sale + Art Show
All Stickers Sell for Only $5
Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM
4357 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Be there or be a hatin' fucking square.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FYI, what is a brother.

One of the realist of real, Mr. Percy Carey AKA MF Grimm AKA GM Grimm AKA The Grimm Reaper AKA Superstar Jet Jaguar AKA Build and Destroy speaks the really-real-talk of keeping it real in reality. The message to me translates to mean; In these days and times we are constantly confronted with ego-maniacs that act larger than life, there big-headedness has ballooned do to clouds filling their lobes. Their vision is cloudy and they have lost sight on what truly matters. These perpetrators will jump ship upon the forcast of rocky waters, they are out for self and will never actually have your back. Brotherhood is a life deal, when you start breaking the unspoken contractual obligations your true colors show, and everything that made our history is now in the past. Meaning regardless of who we were, we are who we are and you must be dealt with.

Story 'bout retarded nigga, went against his main nigga
Started rollin wit other niggas, knew they wasn't feelin niggas
Niggas had beef wit niggas, now he breakin bread wit niggas
Jealousy and envy, money leave ya dead nigga
Clip in ya head, throw ya in the bathroom
Inside tub, chainsaw rub
Cut down to nubs, bag like work
Thought he was my man, he was a motherfuckin jerk
From his face wipe smirk, flip the script kinda lurk
But I'm a gravedigga nigga, so I put 'em in the dirt
At first shit hurt, reminiscin' when we laugh
Havin' fun bustin' guns, but yo fuck it that's the past
Had to kill his ass, lose cannon wanna scheme
Free agent over cream switchin' teams
Can't let him slide, time to take this ride
Popped up the trunk, throw 'em inside

Died on the tracks like the rat he was
Before we blew his brains out, he screamed out "WHY?"
Didn't tell 'em shit, let 'em find out
From his maker, why he was aired out, FUCK 'em
Cobra Commander, strip the life
Metal Face lay loss, ain't No Snakes Alive
Rakim said, no mistakes allowed
So we corrected 'em, by dissectin 'em

He flipped (oh yes he did)
Went to war against his click (oh yes he did)
Even though to us it did really hurt
Still we got together and we tied 'em up (oh yes we did)
Still we got together and we beat 'em up (oh yes we did)
Still we got together and we chopped 'em up (oh yes we did)
-Words from Percy Carey

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Talk like a Chicagoian

Da Chicago inflection is often imitated but just about never properly annunciated. Here is my small breakdown of how to talk like dem guys in Chicago, ovah by dere.


"S"s are generally hissed or prolonged, especially at the end of words.
"Gesssssh, dissss knucklehead again." or even "Da busssdrivah taken dat asssss to ssschoo."

Over emphasize all "D"s at the start of words, and while you are at it take every "TH" and switch it to a "D". Like, " Oh ya, u'se talkin about d'ose ddudesss ovah by d'ere.
There: D'ere
Those: D'ose
and so on...

The true keey to talking like a Chicagoian is knowing how vowels are pronounced.
Basically every vowel turns into an "A" however there are three "A" sounds in the Chicago vernacular Think of the words Cot, Cat, and Caught; they all sound the same but are pronounced differently "Cahht" "Caaaat" & "Cawt".

If you ever find yourself stalling and confused on how to say something just turn all the vowels in the word to flat "a"s. This isn't proper Chicagoese but it's close.



All of, not to be confused with Allah.

Hello; especially when answering a phone. "Al-Oh diss is Pequod's, whaaaat caneye get fahya"


Beer. Actually almost anything can have a -ski suffix. It's a joke based on a time when Chicago had more Polish citizens than any city in Poland, even Warsaw! Here's a decent example of abusing the -ski "Aye broski, grab dem keyskies for da carski and we'll goski."

italian beef sandwhich and italian sausage sandwhich combined to create 1 mighty chicago-sammich.

Can of. "yo pass me a canna oldssshtyle"

Cuppa Too-Tree:
A couple, two or three; a few

Chicaaaago Dahg:
All beef hotdog on steamed poppyseed bun.

Chicago Style
Means "the works" or "everything"; yellow mustard, bright green relish, onions, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers and celery salt.

Da Wahrks:
See above "Chicago Style"

how to pronounce "hotdog". "We'll take 2 Chicaaago Dahgs withda werks."

Mike Ditka, greatest coach of all time. "okay how abawt Didkah vs. 12 Mexicans with da Swine Flu?"

Said or Say. "I goes, "Aye ef u brah!". and den he goes, "no, ef U, braaaah!"

Group of people regardles of gender. "Use guys go find da line fo da ladies room, imma piss right 'ere.


I am about to.

Did you eat yet

Jewel grocery store

For french-fries and children.

Simalar to shit-head, with the difference being their stupidity generally starts fights.

Ovah by Dere:
A location. "U'se know UIC, right? Well use take Taylor west 'bout too-tree blocks and it'll be ovah by Dere."

Softdrink. Chicagoians don't drink cola or soda, they drink pop, yet they pronounce it "pap" or "pahp", when eating chicago deep-dish, the pop of choice is Grape.

Chooped up neon green pickles. Classic Chicago Dogs have bright green relish. Other relish is used at times, but then the dog is not authentic. Fluky's is the originator of the relish.

S. Rosensbun. Bun of choice for hotdogs is S. Rosens, also pronounced with an "a", "Where are yah Rahsen's located?"



Snap. It is extremely cool to speak about the sound a Chicago dawg makes when yo bite into it. "aye gawddaaamn right, I love d'at snaaap sound from my dawg"

Three. The number between two and four.

You all, or y'all. As in "Where u'se bastards goin?"

Vieana dog of choice. it's made in the city. You don't buy another cities dog, as of recent a company called "Red Hot Chicago" has hit the market.

Time to shut up. This is a new classification of a word. Not a noun, verb, or whatever, it's an interuption. "Yeah-sure-guy" is often said when a bitch is talking that is in need of taking a seat. "Yeah-sure-guy" sounds the best when pronouncing as one syllable.

I'm sure I missed a ton so feel free to add your own.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, May 1st, Chicago

Upset and Novem are doing some God-damn things. On Friday, May 1st Martha Cooper will be in Chicago signing copies of the new 25th Anniversary edition of Subway Art and Going Postal books! Upset is curating a huge handmade sticker exchange for the event. And just a few doors down at the Novem Studios Store, our own Frank Serpico will be premiering his new zine, Making Deals.

Martha Cooper’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art
and Going Postal Book Signing
First Ever Chicago Handmade Sticker Exchange--All Stickers $5 100% of Money goes to the artist.
and Making Deals Zine Premiere
Friday, May 1st 5-10 PM
More information on our blog

*Designed by me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, every ITSOK purchased today only (April 22, 2009) will plant 10 Trees!

After that, they will go back to planting 1 tree for each ITSOK, through the National Arbor Day Foundation.
Sighn is steadily on his way to cutting out 1 million pieces. Hopefully he'll complete his task over the next 50 years, and we'll have planted 1 million trees to boot.

Multi Polar Projects

Keep up the great work Sighn.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tribute to Kep

All photos taken by me. Kep piece by JACK, Evol piece by GEM.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

HOW TO: Get Tweaked/Lose it on the Interweb

Mornings for me generally start off with black coffee. Weekdays mean waking up at 6am at which time flavor can't even be calculated in my foggy mind. My only motive is to get completely rocked to deal with all the sales people hounding my ass for graphics (or magic as they call it). Intelligentsia's Blackcat Espresso blend thrown into a french-press and steeped for 30 minutes is my signature rocket fuel. On occasion I have a day which there is no time to spare, a stop a local grocer's fridge is mandatory. The case stocked with race-car looking energy cans and bottles is where I can find an appropriate fix. A good rule of thumb when looking to tweak off 2bucks is push aside any beverage that bears a familiar logo. You can find the manufactures logo on the back side, most of this shit is made by coca-cola, they have an image to protect and would not dare putting questionable substances in there product. I personally only grab the bottles that label themselves as a "Dietary Substance", you know shit is good when the package itself suggest you speak with a physician before drinking.
Today's choice... to quote Wesley Willis "was a Hell Ride". I grab a room temperature bottle of ENDORUSH. Who knows what that fucking name is suppose to mean? The taste was fine I was able to pound it without a problem. The trouble started 2 hours later with an intense white-trash trailerpark meth feel. Just like smoking ICE out of lightbulbs my eyes were spasticly twitching, mouth went dry, I jumbled my sentences, only thought of bats and spiders and couldn't stand anyone for the life of me. Not the greatest feeling to have at the office. Anyways as much as this is an entry of my addictive personality it's also about assholes. Both me and everyone who is not me.

As my comfortable peek was ending, paranoia and a need to clean everything set in. Distractions at this point are very dangerous, I'm libel to completely lose it in a fit of uncontrollable blind range. As if cued by Beelzebub himself this car-salesman Frank starts blowing up my inbox. I'm talking about six identical emails back to back over a time period of fifteen minutes. Perhaps I'm over reacting but WHAT THE FUCK! This happened last month too, matter of fact I recall during all of '08 I'd get these. Sitting in retrospect as I write this I know it never bothered me before. This isn't like one of those "straws that break the camel's back", this is much more like stepping on a crack in front of a fully psychotic that believes you are breaking his mothers back. With a head full of pure adrenaline or whatever they mix in that ENDO...syrup, my mind is not working proper and I decide Frank a letter. Within three minutes of sending my thoughts to Frank, he sends another email, identical to all the prior. I lose it completely...

Below I've posted the original E-mail from Frank, that I as of this moment have received 7 times today, along with this I've posted my 2 replies.

Thank you for choosing to contact Saturn of **** for your vehicle needs. My name is Frank ****, lead sales consultant and Internet manager at Saturn of ****. My goal is to exceed your expectations now or in the future when you are ready to view and/or schedule a test drive in a new or pre-driven vehicle. Just call or e-mail me personally with your requests and needs. I can also send you brochures and current price lists with options available. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Frank **** Internet Manager Saturn of ****

Dear Internet manager,

You have sent me the same email six times now, please knock it off. Once to twice a month I receive a barrage of emails from you, all are identical and sent within 5minutes of each other. This email opens with thanking me for something I've never done, contacting you for anything. If you are looking to meet my expectations, you may start by hitting "send" once. However if you are a real go-getter and would like to exceed my expectations as stated to me in the six prior emails, please organize your email addresses into categories and send material accordingly. You can do a group of addresses that have contacted you, another one that has bought a car from you. I fall into the later having purchased in 2006. In no way am I stating stop sending the emails, we all are hurting in these times and need to accomplish our jobs. Your email is nicely written and not pushy which I applaud. However once was more than sufficient, multiple emails appeals for attention and comes off as begging. Which is an unfavorable attribute and annoying.

Thanks and enjoy the day,

SECOND EMAIL (drafted and sent after receiving another one the same emails.)

Being proactive differs greatly from just being active, to succeed you must have a grain of intelligence. It's quite evident you lack the grain but have an over abundance of mannuer for brains. That is E-mail number seven you have sent me, did you not read my reply to the first six you sent within the last hour. This approach displays not just you being ignorant towards email etiquette but Saturn's ignorance to who they have reaching out and touching the community.

Send me the same email again and I'll start shipping multiple packages (perhaps 7, Frank) of my vomit addressed to you. Don't think I can do it? Brother, I'm trying to bone this skinny girl at the grocery store and the thinner I get the better chance I have. Please be my motivation.

This E-mail is for the greater good of society I'm certain that not a single person in the world wants to to deal with anymore of Frank ****'s brand of bullshit.

Stick and move,

I'll never drink Endorush again, today I felt like This guy:

SNL - Jim Carrey - Jimmy Tango's Fatbusters
Vezi mai multe video Haioase »

Monday, March 23, 2009

Glorified Rent-A-Cops

While the city and its police union continue the two-year fight of contract negotiations, Mayor Richard Daley likes the idea to glorify Rent-a-Cops, and give them the right to issue tickets.

Currently only Chicago police officers can issue citations, the mayor is considering armed security guards who patrol business districts in their wards to have the3 same authority. Daley said allowing the guards to ticket people for graffiti, parking violations and other minor infractions could free Chicago officers to concentrate on combating violent crime. The move could also generate revenue for the city while enforcing minor ordinances.

In a city where our police are constantly the subject of inflecting physical abuse, unlawful shootings, and corruption we expect these guards to do a better or equal job? What are these rent-a-cops backgrounds and training? I certainly hope these security guards don't have itchy trigger fingers.

Trib's Whole story

ABC crew speaks of Gangs and Graffiti in Chicago

"But the real start of Chicago graffiti came before the gang banger walls, when Angel Perez defected from his gang in Chicago, took a bullet in the knee and left for New York City. Returning in 1979, he called himself “Seen” and introduced a host of ideas for art in the Chicago streets, even painting gang banger walls for Joey and Georgie a few years later."
The Windy Citizen: Chicago Graffiti: Why Fight the Paint?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The O My's

Ask Jesus, he knows.
Easily the greatest band to emerge in years and they reign from Chicago. Two vocalist (one on piano, the other on guitar), two rhyme spitters (one part spiritual guide), a bassist, drummer, and a 3 piece brass section; blend upbeat Funk, smooth Soul, intellectual Hip-Hop and grown-man Blues. These guys play far beyond their years with a maturity only men carry, this mixed with the motivation and energy of their actual youth keeps them untouched by any rival and set this group into a class all of there own. If your out by SXSW, this is a must catch act.

Photos taken at Swap-O-Rama on Ashland and Schubas on Belmont
The O My's

Upcoming Shows:
Mar 21 2009 5:00P
SXSW: Kick Butt Coffee Austin, Texas
Mar 22 2009 1:30P
The Music Gym Austin, Texas
Jun 5 2009 9:00P
Reggies Chicago, Illinois
Aug 8 2009 1:00P
Millenium Park Chicago, Illinois

For up-to-date unofficial news at SXSW, check out my guy Gavin Paul

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mr. Thor, snappin in the reSession.

Thor pass through some 2... uh maybe 3 (RETENTION NICKY!) weeks ago with this hot number. It's showing at reSession @ Columbia College.

1006 S Michigan Avenue, 1st Floor
Friday, March 06, 2009 - Sunday, April 12, 2009
Reception the evening of March 27, 6:00-9:00
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday Noon-5:00 PM
Open to the public as well as SGC conference-goers and exhibitors

Info from Shawnamals

Chicago's very own Nike

The Stevie "Dread" Blazer.
Based on the Chicago Flag of course.
Great party folks.

Available all over Earth especially atUprise Skate Shop

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Secret!!!

Mr. Antisuccess himself H. Mathis emerges triumphantly from hiding, like a pheniox rising from the ashes... bllaahahahaha Ha ha.
Seriously though H. Mathis has been tucked away for several years conducting an extremely secretive project, but thanks to the folks at Multi Polar Projects we can now be let in. Between April 2007 and April 2008, he embarked on 'Super Secret Art Interactions'. These interactions involved secrecy, disguises, magic mustaches, and craigslist. This project coincides with the release of his new site I often wounder if I know anything about H. Mathis or perhaps am only familar with his work.

Super Secret Art Interaction

Also at Multi Polar Projects Sighn also just made his first installment of the 'vintage' ITSOK's. These 25 pieces were all cut from a single board of weathered barn wood. There is not a better way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, "It's Ok", get 2 in time for Easter!

What's this all about?
H. Mathis Sighn Multi Polar Projects Store

Monday, March 16, 2009


Wicker Park the international destination!
There is one sure fire method to measure the "came too-late" and "bitch you slept" factors of your surroundings.

Step One: Look right.
Step Two: Look left.
Step Three: Process all the information taken in from your eyes.

If you find yourself looking at a group of Japanese High-school Girls on spring break instead of a corner of Vice Lords.... well your far beyond late. Sorry, get yourself a miller lite or whatever. Now this method only tells idiots they are way late, if your looking for a way to know when to leave that is another story. When you getting groceries is easy or you notice more banks and coffee spots than Currency Exchanges, well pack your bags.

Mc Donalds, and Burger King it's now a great time to come back, I'm sure your store won't get as fucked up as before.

Wicker Park... Officially, Lincoln Park West.

HAHAahaaa P.S.
Wiki has a Wicker Park travel-guide.

(not my photo, it's stolen off this chick's Flickr, she has more photos of her girls)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Science of Myth

Perfect example of Screeching Weasel at the pinnacle of their game.

If you've ever question beliefs that you hold you're not alone
But you oughtta realize that every myth is a metaphor
in the case of Christianity
and Judaism there exist the belief
that spiritual matters are enslaved to history
The Buddhists believe that the functional aspects override the myth
while other religions use the literal core to build foundations with
See half the world sees the myth as fact
while it's seen as a lie by the other half and
the simple truth is that it's none of that and
somehow no matter what the world keeps turning
Somehow we get by without ever learning
Science and religion
are not mutually exclusive
In fact for better understanding
we take the facts of science and apply them
And if both factors keep evolving
then we continue getting information
but closing off possibilities
makes it hard to see the bigger picture
Consider the case of the women
whose faith helped her make it through
when she was raped and cut up left for dead
in a trunk her beliefs held true
It doesn't matter if it's real or not cause
some things are better left without a doubt and
if it works then it gets the job done
Somehow no matter what the world keeps turning

Monday, March 2, 2009

My fucking glasses bro.

Jimmy and RonJon By Todd James

Oh shit, this guy Jimmy is the definition of a man with heart.

For Jimmy so loved his friend, that he gave his only begotten Porsche sunglasses, that George wearith them within city bounds, but George took a cruz.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicago's Nike release party tonight

Chicago's very own Stevie Dread designed a blazer colorway for Nike SB and wants to celebrate. Release party tonight, Saturday, February 28th!

1030 N Milwaukee Ave. 8 - 12 PM

A handful of the shoes will be raffled off during the event, be sure to grab a raffle ticket on your way in. Artwork and photos from Dread and Chicago artists will be display. Johnny Fonseca, Tevo Howard, Xais, and Shonroka will provide musical enjoyment. Refreshments will be available, please No BYOB. The shoe will not be for sale at the party. They are available only at Uprise, beginning Sunday at Noon

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Audio Flashbacks of a Youth Not Wasted.

A time which we all were immortal and a brotherhood existed amongst my main set of friends that was upheld with the highest intentions and our whole hearts. Below are some of the tracks that will eternally resonate in my mind are always capable of taking me to another place. RIP to the dead homies, I really do wish you all were here, think about you constantly. Here is the countless/sleepless 72hr weekends we pulled on the regular. On to the music, copping these demos was the shit.

Phantom45: the Junglebook side A
Starting of with the notorious jungle remix of Masta Ace's "Born to Roll" In the style of '95 Chicago Jungle.

Danny the Wildchild: Batitup
Kicks off so sickly, possibly the greatest Jump Up-Hardstep Jungle mixxtape ever. First two tracks are "Ganja Kru" with "Super Sharp Shooter" then to a "Funkdoobiest" Accapella.

DR.GROO: Agent Orange
Always loved this tape, it's longlost though. In the style of '95 "JUMP-UP" Chicago Jungle.

DJSnuggles - Lord of The Dance SIDE B
Style of true deepdark '94 chicago jungle.

Copying and pasting the URL will bypass the need to sign-in. However if you'd like to search the site their archive is filled with every jungle mixxtape produced, it requires membership.


Oh snapsizzle here is a series of twenty video clips nine minute long tells the entire history of house music. Starting in Chicago with it's disco roots of the late 70´s through it's evolution in the 80´s/90´s in DJs/clubbing/raving culture. The mutations into sub-genres have been massive that gained lives themselves, but it all started here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to buy a bike and not be a bitch like IceCube

Fucking finally.
After two stolen bikes in 2008 I'm back with a bike just in time for Spring. Thought I'd put together a 3step guide on getting the most bike for your buck. Starting off know this, if you want a new bike plan on spending $400+ otherwise you can count on riding a piece of shit that will fall apart under you. That said reCYCLEd is the route to go. Used bike shopping takes knowledge of what you need and what to look for.

Know what type of bike you need. Road bike, mountain bike, hybrid?
Mountain bikes also make great city bikes if you plan on off roading or riding railroad tracks. Road bikes are light and efficient, they go fast but can only ride on the pavement. Hybrids are great for city riding, commuting, and light trail riding. They combine the upright, comfortable riding position of a mountain bike, and the efficiency of a road bike. A one-speed cruiser is a good option for quality, low-cost, and low-maintenace bike. Cruisers are great for running errands and getting around a college campus and being a general sissy like IceCube.

Know what size bike you need in the type of bike you want.
Measure your inseam. Multiply it by .65. This will give you a good estimate of you road bike size for bikes measured center to center. If you need a mountain bike subtract an additional 10cm and convert this measurement to inches to get your mountain bike frame size.

Determine whether the bike has been maintained well by its previous owner.
Inspect the paint for rust and carefully check for cracks or dimples in the frame. Test the bike's brakes and wheels before riding. Adjust the seat to your height and take the bike for a spin. Does the bike fit well? Does it handle properly? Note the shifting. Is it smooth? If not, the bike may need a minor adjustment or a major repair. Check the brakes. Do they stop quickly and smoothly?

Special thanks to the guys at A Nearly New Shop at 3826 N Broadway St for hooking up my Peugeot Roadbike last night. Oh and fuck IceCube.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

RIP the greatset showmen. Lux Interior.

Erick Purkhiser aka Lux Interior, the founding force behind the psychobilly genre through the legendary band The Cramps past away at age 62. Rest in Peace

Ask his momma how to make a monster:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day - The gift of music

It has been said that "music cures the soul", however all things capable of delivering greatness are just as effective dispatching evil. Music is like all forms of art is bipolar. Here is my top ten Country songs dedicated to every ex-girlfriend I have. (Well except you Kristin, we can still make it work. Hit me up after the 14th.)

10.I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine
9. I Ain't Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few
8. If The Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me
7. I've Missed You, But My Aim's Improvin'
6. Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight 'Cause I Know She'd Win
5. I'm So Miserable Without You It's Like You're Still Here
4. Piss Up a Rope and Watch that Piss Dribble
3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger
2. It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day.
And the Number One Country & Western song is...
1. She Broke My Heart, I Broke Her Legs

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ESPO “Semaphores of the Soul”

“Semaphores of the Soul”
Entitled Semaphores of the Soul ESPO's debut show at A.L.I.C.E. in Belgium celebrates his greatest works from the last 7 years. Espo aka Steven Powers unique of brand of street-smarts colliding with iconic-communication is unmatched by all predecessors and justly catapolted him to contemporary King-ship.

"The Exterior Surface Painting Outreach is a not-for-props volunteer organization dedicated to making the world a different place. We accomplish sweated-status by stepping up and seizing space wholesale, and selling it back to the public at retail. After paying pound royalties to Revs, and reinvesting in Home Depot Futures, the rest is pure profit. We tax toys, stay tax-exempt, and hold slackers in contempt. Currently we have over 28 sites on visual lockdown in the 5 boroughs of New York. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the come-up, grate keepers are dispatched at all hours, and have a get-over rate of 96.5%. That's over 62% more dope than the leading brand. The bottom line for ESPO is oil-based Gloss Black, and the future holds nothing but Aluminum for the stockholders of this fine company."
- Mark Surface CFO, from the annual stockholders meeting keynote speech.

Espo's "Semaphores of the Soul"
Espo's Waterboarding Trill Ride
ESPO quote taken from ESPO

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Brewmaster-geniuses, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Three Floyds' Nick Floyd unite and redefine the meaning of Popskull. A term once use describe poorly made moonshine will offically be put to bed after Wednesday (1/21).

Tomorrow (the 21st) Chicago beer-snobs will be the first to suck down Popskull at Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St). The concept Sam and Nick crafted was an "Old School, German Brown Ale with Palo Santo Wood and Botanicals," Cheers your beers with both Calagione and Floyd will be in attendance, and the $10 cover includes a pint of Popskull. Also, there'll be great live music from locals the Waco Brothers, the Endless Wastes, and Big Science.

Thursday (1/22), a beer dinner will take place after the actual brewing of Popskull at Three Floyd's Brewery (9750 Indiana Parkway, Munster, IN) Just 35 minutes south of the south loop. Doors open at 7:00pm and it's $80 for admission.