Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FYI, what is a brother.

One of the realist of real, Mr. Percy Carey AKA MF Grimm AKA GM Grimm AKA The Grimm Reaper AKA Superstar Jet Jaguar AKA Build and Destroy speaks the really-real-talk of keeping it real in reality. The message to me translates to mean; In these days and times we are constantly confronted with ego-maniacs that act larger than life, there big-headedness has ballooned do to clouds filling their lobes. Their vision is cloudy and they have lost sight on what truly matters. These perpetrators will jump ship upon the forcast of rocky waters, they are out for self and will never actually have your back. Brotherhood is a life deal, when you start breaking the unspoken contractual obligations your true colors show, and everything that made our history is now in the past. Meaning regardless of who we were, we are who we are and you must be dealt with.


Story 'bout retarded nigga, went against his main nigga
Started rollin wit other niggas, knew they wasn't feelin niggas
Niggas had beef wit niggas, now he breakin bread wit niggas
Jealousy and envy, money leave ya dead nigga
Clip in ya head, throw ya in the bathroom
Inside tub, chainsaw rub
Cut down to nubs, bag like work
Thought he was my man, he was a motherfuckin jerk
From his face wipe smirk, flip the script kinda lurk
But I'm a gravedigga nigga, so I put 'em in the dirt
At first shit hurt, reminiscin' when we laugh
Havin' fun bustin' guns, but yo fuck it that's the past
Had to kill his ass, lose cannon wanna scheme
Free agent over cream switchin' teams
Can't let him slide, time to take this ride
Popped up the trunk, throw 'em inside

Died on the tracks like the rat he was
Before we blew his brains out, he screamed out "WHY?"
Didn't tell 'em shit, let 'em find out
From his maker, why he was aired out, FUCK 'em
Cobra Commander, strip the life
Metal Face lay loss, ain't No Snakes Alive
Rakim said, no mistakes allowed
So we corrected 'em, by dissectin 'em

He flipped (oh yes he did)
Went to war against his click (oh yes he did)
Even though to us it did really hurt
Still we got together and we tied 'em up (oh yes we did)
Still we got together and we beat 'em up (oh yes we did)
Still we got together and we chopped 'em up (oh yes we did)
-Words from Percy Carey

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