Monday, March 16, 2009


Wicker Park the international destination!
There is one sure fire method to measure the "came too-late" and "bitch you slept" factors of your surroundings.

Step One: Look right.
Step Two: Look left.
Step Three: Process all the information taken in from your eyes.

If you find yourself looking at a group of Japanese High-school Girls on spring break instead of a corner of Vice Lords.... well your far beyond late. Sorry, get yourself a miller lite or whatever. Now this method only tells idiots they are way late, if your looking for a way to know when to leave that is another story. When you getting groceries is easy or you notice more banks and coffee spots than Currency Exchanges, well pack your bags.

Mc Donalds, and Burger King it's now a great time to come back, I'm sure your store won't get as fucked up as before.

Wicker Park... Officially, Lincoln Park West.

HAHAahaaa P.S.
Wiki has a Wicker Park travel-guide.

(not my photo, it's stolen off this chick's Flickr, she has more photos of her girls)

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Anonymous said...

We can be roomies if you want, go set up shop in the S.Bronx, get ourselves a nice crackhouse.

You game?