Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Secret!!!

Mr. Antisuccess himself H. Mathis emerges triumphantly from hiding, like a pheniox rising from the ashes... bllaahahahaha Ha ha.
Seriously though H. Mathis has been tucked away for several years conducting an extremely secretive project, but thanks to the folks at Multi Polar Projects we can now be let in. Between April 2007 and April 2008, he embarked on 'Super Secret Art Interactions'. These interactions involved secrecy, disguises, magic mustaches, and craigslist. This project coincides with the release of his new site AntiSuccess.com. I often wounder if I know anything about H. Mathis or perhaps am only familar with his work.

Super Secret Art Interaction

Also at Multi Polar Projects Sighn also just made his first installment of the 'vintage' ITSOK's. These 25 pieces were all cut from a single board of weathered barn wood. There is not a better way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, "It's Ok", get 2 in time for Easter!

What's this all about?
H. Mathis Sighn Multi Polar Projects Store

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